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Use Trillian Wherever You Go

Install Trillian on your zip Disk, CD, Diskonkey, or any other type of portable media. Take Trillian, your preferences, and your contact list with you wherever you go. Use a fully functional Trillian anywhere, on any computer with an internet connection instead of online clients with limited functionality such as AIM Express and ICQ Lite or other online hosting services.

Follow the steps of this online wizard to create your own installation of Trillian that will work wherever you go using any portable media that you can use. This guide will walk you through step-by-step and show you how to achieve this. No technical knowledge is necessary. To begin click here.

Also, see the other links in the menu above for information about types of portable media from which you can choose, tips for using Trillian Anywhere better, more information on Trillian, a FAQ for common problems, where to look for help, and more about this guide.

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